Athlete Profiles Presented by Fortis Tap Your Potential

Chloe Seymour

Upper Island Cove | Figure Skating

My journey began early in the skating season when I first heard about the Winter Games. I got really excited, and knew I had to work extra hard to earn my spot on a team. I did just that.. I worked hard perfecting my skating skills, and my jumps. I competed in all competitions earning silver, but for the qualifying event I knew I had to do better, and I did. I got a gold medal at Eastern Divisionals, and earned my spot on the Avalon figure skating team. Winter Games is a big event, and only the top athletes get to go and compete not only for themselves, but for their Region or town, which is a great honour. I feel truly blessed to be part of such a memorable event, and I look forward to watching some amazing athletes compete in a sport which they love, as much as I love figure skating. I can’t wait to meet everyone and become part of this truly amazing experience⛸
Chloe Seymour

Chelsea Tibbo

CBS | Volleyball

My journey to winter games was difficult and I had to work very hard. I practiced every Wednesday and early Sunday mornings and maybe certain little games against different teams every now and then . Every practice I would work very hard and wake up the next morning very sore , but I wouldn’t mind it because I knew that all of this would lead up to winter games ! For me to participate in this years winter games is very exciting, sense the winter games only come every 4 Years I am very happy that I get to go this year ! I will always remember this experience and can’t wait to go !

Morgan Oliver

Gull Island | Badminton

This year I am a grade 12 student, and I thought that it the NL games would be a great learning experience for me and it would also give me a chance to meet new people. I have always been involved in sports in my school and I thought that this would be an amazing thing to add to the list of things that I have done. I also think that representing Team Avalon for badminton is something that I will never forget.

Olivia Doyle

Bay De Verde | Badminton

As it is my last year of high school I wanted to spend it doing everything I love so I figured that I would go try out to play one of my favourite sports. When I made the team I was very excited and couldn’t wait to experience what the NL winter games are like. It means so much to be able to participate in the winter games and represent team Avalon. Participating in these games is my way to start finishing off my senior year with new memories and new friends. I want to finish my senior year with a bang and what a way to do it other then at the 2018 NL Winter Games!

Jenna Lake

CBS | Avalon

I am excited for the games because i volunteered when the games were in CBS in 2016 and saw how much fun all the athletes had. Not everyone gets the opportunity to participate in the Newfoundlad games and i’m excited to share this experience with my teammates and to represent team Avalon! Also my family members have participated in Newfoundland and Canada games and have made lasting memories.

Maddy Kennedy

CBS | Volleyball

My journey began a few years ago when I fell in love with the sport of Volleyball. Over the past few years, I have played on a variety of teams including school teams, club teams, beach teams and a 2017 provincial team. I was honored to make a team that was then successful in securing our spot as representing Team Avalon for the 2018 NL Winter Games. As a newly formed team, we have worked hard to bond with each other, use our practice time wisely and strengthen our game skills. This team is very lucky to be coached by the best (Jennifer Lake and Jillian Lahey) and we are all eager to make our coaches proud!
I am very proud to represent Team Avalon in the NL Winter Games and I am looking forward to this exciting opportunity. Go Team Avalon!

Evan Peach

CBS | Hockey

Making it to the NL games means my Bantam years end with a smile on my face and something to be proud of. My DJHL Gladiators team traveled to Montreal in February brought home gold in an international AA tournament, I also brought home MVP of the tournament but not without taking a nasty hit to the head at the end of 3rd period in the gold game which has been all over posted Instagram. Scored the winning goal for Frank Roberts Ravens for the Akita Shield and brought the trophy back to the school after a couple years. I also grew a lot this year and I am bigger than a lot of my hockey mates in Bantam which has made me spend a lot of time in “the box” and not all to my fault, so to make the Avalon Winter games team with no contact makes me feel proud that I am not just the big guy, I can play too. I hope our team brings back a medal and ends this year with another medal memory as who knows what Midget brings, but I can continue to play competitively. Proud to be on Team Avalon!

Lauren Riderout

CBS | Volleyball

I started playing volleyball in grade 5 thanks to a teacher. I loved the sport from day one! Last year and this year, at Frank Roberts Junior High, I tried out for the school team and I’m proud to say I’m part of an amazing volleyball team. There was a Winter Games team created this year and we’re now on our way! Thanks to amazing coaches. So excited for this wonderful opportunity.

Emily Power

Old Perilcan | Badminton

I’ve been playing badminton for four years now, it’s sometime that I really do enjoy! I like spending time learning new skills and playing with my friends or a competition that I work hard for. This year myself and some friends that are teammates from our school badminton team decided to sign ourselves up for the regional qualifier where we all won gold and now were off to represent the avalon.
For me to be able to participate in the NL winter games actually feels good, like I’ve accomplished something in someway. Because all I’ve ever done is played school badminton but I stepped outside of my comfort zone, took things into my own hands and now it’s not just my school that I represent but all the people that surround me. And for being “chosen” or using my skills to get me to the NL winter games is allowing me to have an experience of a lifetime.

MacKinley Edwards

Lawn | Basketball

Being a part of the 2018 NL winter games has been a hope of mine since I participated in the 2016 Summer games. Having had that amazing experience already I knew that a chance to play at this coming winter games would be just as fantastic if not even better. I’m not only getting to play a sport I love but I get to do it with some of my closet friends. What better way to experience the 2018 NL winter games then playing basketball and doing it with awesome friends.

Ireland Fitzpatrick

Lawn | Basketball

I am a 13 year old student at a K-12 school called Holy Name of Mary Academy in Lawn. My school is very small with a student body of only 93 students.My love for basketball started at a very young age, as I had a brother 8 years older then me that played on both junior and senior high school teams at the same time and on the under 14- under 17 NLBA tournaments. Basketball was always on tv at our house and my mom was the teams manager and assistant coach many years so I spent many days with her at my brothers practices and games. Once I got big enough to throw the ball to actually hit the net I started falling in love with the game myself. I spend all my spare time in the gym trying to better myself and watch games faithfully. My high school coach helps me daily at school with my skills and whenever he has the time. Kevin Durant is my favorite player in the NBA and I have read every possible stat on him that is available, he is a great role model. I was so excited when I heard the announcement that there was tryout’s for NL Winter Games in St. Lawrence and was so pleased to make the team and the qualifier game to attend the Winter games for the eastern region. Shortly after that I became part of the high school team and a starter which has really boosted my confidence as a player. My winter games coach pushes me at every practice and has taught me so much about hard work, the game and respect. I have been counting down days until we go to winter games now for a few months, I cant wait to compete, make new friends, and develop as a player and as well as an athlete.
** Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard ** KD
I am so excited to wear his number as I play to represent our district and my hometown. 🙂

Joshua Mayo

Burin | Basketball

When I heard that a basketball team would be put together to represent the Eastern Region I was very excited. I’d never been on a basketball team or played organized basketball ever in my life before. I loved playing it at the YMCA. I knew I loved it but I wasn’t sure if I would be good enough to make the team. I decided it would be worth it to give it a try. After many many hours practicing at the Y and in my little court at home the first tryouts came. I went feeling very nervous and scared. My parents told me to just try my hardest and not to give up. It went ok but I felt awkward and not good about myself. I felt like I wasn’t fitting in. When I came home that night I told my parents I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make the cut. That’s when my Dad told me that I could do anything If I tried my hardest. So I did. I kept practicing until the next tryout. It went so much better! Then another tryout and I felt like I had done it! When the email came out and my name was right at the top of the list I never felt more happy and proud! I was representing the Eastern Region in Basketball! Me! Someone who had never been on a team before! I feel very happy and proud to be on this team. I can’t wait to play and make everyone at home proud too! This will be an experience of a lifetime!

Jordan Sharpe

Labrador City | Alpine Skiing

I started skiing when I was around 4 years old. When I got old enough to join the race team I did. I really enjoy it. I like the speed and the challenges and I continue to learn something new all the time. To be able to participate in the NL Winter Games means so much to me. I can not wait for this experience, I am very excited and nervous all at the same.

Jayme Guy

Arnold's Cove | Ice Hockey

I am a member of the eastern female hockey team and i am excited to get to participate in the 2018 NL winter games

Cassidy Ivany

Clarenville | Hockey

Since trying Hockey at an Esso fun event when I was 8 I was hooked! I play for the Clarenville Caribous, playing both female and minor for the past 4 years and this year also playing AAA with Tripen Ice. Making the winter games team has been the highlight of my hockey season, a once in a lifetime opportunity! Trying out and making this team has made me realize that working hard on my game has made it all worth it and has given me great confidence! I feel privileged to be part of this event!

Miguel Hobbs

Bunyan's Cove | Volleyball

The NL winter games was the best experience I’ve ever had playing volleyball. I got to spend it with my second family. I’ve met a lot of new friends here from every region, it was a blast playing agasint team Indigenous all the way from Labrador. Overall this is the best experience I’ve ever had and I think a lot of people would agree with me!

Leah Rideout

Clarenville | Hockey

It has been a long wait since the 2014 Winter Games in Clarenville. When the Winter Games was hosted in Clarenville i was not eligible for Female ice hockey,, being too young for this event. It has now been four years since then. I am now the oldest in my age group for this sport and it’s very exciting to finally experience the Winter Games. It means so much to finally be apart of the eastern team, I cannot wait for the games to start!

Olivia Strang

Lawn | Basketball

My name is Olivia Strang, I live in Lawn in the Burin Peninsula. I am 11 years old and in Grade 6. I have been an athletic girl since I was 4 years old. Since that time I have been involved in soccer, playing every summer with my club team in St. Lawrence. Also, since I was 8 I have been playing All-Star soccer as a member of the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association.
Unfortunately, this past summer I had an incident where I was injured and was only able to play soccer for part of the year. I took a bad fallin early July and was told that I had soft tissue damage. I continued to play for another week but had to go back to the hospital where they told me that my left foot was broken. I was not allowed to play soccer for the rest of the season. I was devastated because soccer is my passion!!
It took a long time for my foot to get better and well enough for me to get back into action. In October I heard that Mr. Marc Pittman was starting up a basketball team for the Winter Games. My foot was feeling great so I decided to try out. Everyone the showed up made the team and since then we have been practicing at least two times a week sometimes more. When we played Clarenville and beat them we knew we qualified for Winter Games. I have been so very excited since then because this once in a lifetime experience means so much to me!!
I am a very competitive person and sports are an important part of my life. This is the first year that I have been involved in competitive basketball and I am really enjoying it. I am looking forward to so many things that this experience will bring. I am excited to travel with my friends and play with them as a team against teams from all over this province. I hope to meet a lot of new people and make a lot of new friends. Being involved in something as big as the Winter Games will be a first for me so I am a little nervous as well as being so very excited. I hope we do well, as our team is young, and we know our competition will be tough, but we will try our best and show sportsmanship towards all the other teams.
I have learned so much about how to play basketball and what it takes to get better and play as a team. I am very thankful to Mr. Marc and my teammates for helping me improve and enjoy playing basketball. I cannot wait to get to the Winter Games, get on the court and soak up this experience!!
Olivia Strang
Eastern Region

Harnoor Singh

Musgravetown | Volleyball

I Moved from Italy about 18 months ago and I never played volleyball before, when I joined my new school everyone forced me to join volleyball. After a few practices I got knee problems so I stopped, but when the junior team from my school was looking for a player after a few months I decided to join again. After a lot of HARD work and amazing teammates I did my first tournament and we got bronze; it wasn’t bad for a small team like us. At the beginning of this year my coach mentioned to us an opportunity to play at winter games against some of the best players and teams in the province. After hard work, hours and hours of practices we went there and played for our region, for our school but the most important thing, we played for fun and that’s why we did awesome and came out with silver. We could’ve done better but all of us had fun and that’s the most important thing. After all if you had a good time playing the game, you’re a winner even if you lose.

Tyler Crocker

Burin Bay Arm | Basketball

I love to play many different sports. I am involved mainly with hockey,soccer and basketball. My passion for basketball started over a year ago and when I heard about try outs to represent the Eastern Region I was super excited! We had many practices and finally played off against Clarenville winning to go on and represent Eastern in the Winter games. I am very excited to play in the winter games and be a part of this amazing experience!

Kennedy Tarrant

Lawn | Basketball

The journey to get to the NL Games has been amazing. A lot of late nights in the gym and trying to cram in as many practices as possible. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it! Being able to participate in such an amazing event means that I have a opportunity to great things, and have fun!

Jordan Pitcher

Norman's Cove | Wrestling

It was a big deal for our team and our wrestlers to make it to the NL winter games. We were all crazy and excited to be apart of this event. We were going back and forth to tournaments for the past few weeks, and I’d say everyone was more excited about this tournament then all of them. We have been doing nothing but practicing hard and trying to be our best. We can’t wait to see how this tournament goes for us!

Mia Winsor

Clarenville | Cross Country Skiing

This is my second time participating in the NL Winter Games for Cross Country Skiing. I’m really grateful to my ski coaches for taking the time to work with our small group so that we are able to be part of this great experience.

Paige Fleming

Clarenville | Hockey

Hi I’m Paige. I’m so excited to be apart of this event and more excited to meet some new friends on and off the ice! My journey began about 6 years ago. I was hooked from the first skate and I haven’t looked back since! I love hockey and hanging out with my teammates. Hockey keeps me busy and in shape. I always give my best and want to keep learning. My heroes are PK Suban and Marie-Philip Poulin . Thankyou for this opportunity and see you on the ice!!! Paige Fleming #18

Madison Clarke

Bloomfield | Table Tennis

Madison attends Heritage Collegiate in Lethbridge and is in grade 8. She is a First Class Honor Roll student and a proud Heritage Huskie! She is a well rounded person and athlete.
She started playing table tennis in grade 4 with Ms. Collette Pitts and continues to play now in junior high with Ms. Carol Blundon. Both of these teachers/coaches have been instrumental in helping her with her table tennis skills and teaching her about hard work and sportsmanship. And recent training with Eastern Winter Games coach Jamie Hibbs has helped hone her skills, zoning in on her strengths and weaknesses. When she was picked for the Winter Games team she stepped up her practice tremendously. She knows that this is an opportunity that few athletes get and she wants to do well. Madison wants to represent the Eastern region to the best of her ability. She spends hours every day practicing, continuing to improve.
Madison also loves volleyball. Her Heritage Huskies volleyball team has participated in many tournaments this year and has medaled in most of them. They are looking forward to provincials in Corner Brook in April.
She is an accomplished musician. Madison performs annually at the Kiwanis Music Festival in Clarenville in vocals and piano. She has placed in the top three in both a number of times.
Madison also attends Jump Academy of Dance in Clarenville where she participates in lyrical and jazz.
She loves animals. She has 3 dogs (Bella – Shitzu, Sunny – Yellow Lab, Boots – Beagle), 1 cat (Jada) and an aquarium with fish and snails.
Madison also enjoys ATVing, snowmobiling, boating, trouting and cod fishing.

Last but not least, Madison loves to spend time with her friends. She is a social butterfly. She is looking forward to seeing her friends at the Winter Games and to making new friends.

This will be Madison’s first Winter Games. She is very excited!

Toni Lundrigan

St. Lawrence | Basketball

I’ve been participating in organized sports since I was 3 and played in my first region games when I was just 5. I love sports, I love competition and I’m grateful for the friendships and memories that it creates.
To participate in the 2018 NL Winter Games is a dream come true! After lots of hard work, long hours training and some determination the time has finally come. Competing on the basketball court with friends against athletes from across our province is exciting and I’m really looking forward to it! Having my parents and little sister here to cheer me on will be extra special!

Payton Hannon

Bishops Falls | Volleyball

My journey to the NL Winter Games had been quite an experience! I am now in grade 8 and it’s be a lot of fun to play volleyball especially with my teammates and coach! These past few years have been great but I didn’t think I would ever get this experience. Well this is my story and I hope that you will get a chance to experience this some day too!!

Jamie Powell

Grand Falls-Windor | Figure Skating

Last April, during a figure skating clinic I took a bad fall on the landing of a jump. I ended up breaking my ankle. I had a rushed recovery in order to get back on the ice by August. With this year being my last year skating I needed to get back to where I was last April. It took a lot of hard work, on and off the ice, and time, for extra practices to push myself back to where I wanted to be. Not only the physical, but the mental blocks took so much time and confidence to overcome. It was all worth it as I had participated in the 2014 winter games and I knew I had a goal to get to the 2018 games. I’m glad to say that I accomplished my goal.

Cieara Chatman

Springdale | Hockey

I started playing female hockey about 7 seasons ago at the age of 9. Soon after my first season started I tried my hand as goaltender and thoroughly enjoyed the position. I then started playing with the boys and on to AAA. I love everything about it, I love the challenge! After competing at the 2016 summer NL games And loving everything about it I knew I couldn’t miss out on trying out for the winter game she team. I am truly honoured to be given another wonderful opportunity.

Heidi George

Badger | Wrestling

I am so excited to get this experience

Laura Callahan

Bumble Bee Bight, Pilley's Island | Table Tennis

Back when I was in grade 6 my parents signed me up for my first table tennis tournament. I didn’t really want to go at first because I really wasn’t confident in my table tennis abilities, but after some convincing from both my parents and my dad saying he would play too, I played in the tournament. I’m really glad I did because now I absolutely love table tennis and going to tournaments. It’s not just playing table tennis that I love, but also the memories and friends that I’ve made.

Angel Wiseman

Roberts Arm | Badminton

I’ve been playing badminton since I was in grade 8. Growing up I never knew that there were competitions and such in Newfoundland, so once I started getting really into badminton and my coaches, teachers, and my parents were pushing me to attempt to actually try hard and train and it’s just been this year that I’ve been playing in competitions outside of ssnl and once I tried out and played the best I could at the play downs I was so excited, getting to practice and knowing that I’m going and I’m going to get to play against other people who love badminton just as much as I do from all parts of Newfoundland and Labrador is amazing, I never ever thought that I would be participating in something like this. I’m honestly so happy and excited to be able to be playing and I just can’t wait to check out the competition and hopefully have the best badminton experience of my life so far.

Madison Gill

Fogo | Hockey

I live on Fogo Island and currently play for the Central Icepak AAA Midget, I am on the Female under 20 Springdale team and I also play with the Fogo Island Hawks. I am the only athlete from Fogo Island that is attending the 2018 NL Winter games. It means a lot to me to have the opportunity to represent Fogo Island and Central NL and I am looking forward to meeting all the players and bonding with my team mates. This is going to be an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. Thank you for allowing me to have this great opportunity to play the sport that I love and I will work hard and have fun.


Grand Falls | Wrestling

I’m not a very strong girl and not the best wrestler, but I am determined and ready to learn. I became interested in wrestling when one of my friends brought it up and as soon as I rejoined school and got to grade seven, I was waiting for the wrestling announcement. I do my best every time I wrestle and even though I almost never win, I will continue to work hard and do my best. It means so much to me to be able to participate in the winter games and I am thankful to have such amazing coaches and teammates. I hope one day I will be able to look back and say, “Wow, I did awesome.”

Chelsea Stuckey

Pike's Arm | Basketball

I love to play basketball. I have been playing basketball at my school since kindergarten and love being part of a team. I have made some wonderful friends and memories and can’t wait to make more in the 2018 Winter Games

Beth Young

Grand Falls- Windsor | Cross Country Skiing

I am 15 years old and I have been skiing since I was little (cross country and downhill) I really began to love cross country skiing when I started skate skiing. I recently competed at the figure skating provincials in Mount Pearl and the world cheer-leading championship in Orlando, Florida. I feel really lucky to have an opportunity to ski at the winter games on the beautiful Pasadena trails. Good luck to all the athletes.


North West River | Central

it’ll be a pleasure to play in the NL winter games! every winter games that i went to, i always loved the food. can’t forget the competition too!

Jenna Manuel

Grand Falls- Windsor | Figure Skating

I’m so excited to compete at the 2018 NL Games! I attended the 2014 Games in Clarenville, and I had the time of my life! I knew right away I wanted to qualify again this year. I’ve faced a few obstacles this season, including a flare-up of tendonitis in both of my knees, which still causes me pain when I skate. However, I’m determined to succeed and skate my best despite this injury. Competing at games for me means a chance to beat my personal best score, one that I proudly earned when I won my category at the Western Divisional Championships and qualified for NL Games. It means an opportunity to spend time with old friends who live all across the province, and make some new friends, as well. Most of all, attending the Winter Games means that I’ll get to enjoy the experience of participating in my favourite sport, and maybe even get great results too. I would absolutely love to see my hard work paying off, even though I’m competing with an injury. I would love even more to see Team Central come together and achieve success as a whole. Overall, I’m extremely proud to compete at the NL Games and have lots of fun skating with my friends!

Kalea Stewart

Summerford | Basketball

Well, one day we had tryouts and we only got 9 people to come. I was very disappointed when our coach said we may not have a team. We finally got 11 players and we got our jerseys and that made me so excited because I honestly couldn’t believe I was getting the chance to go to the winter games! At practice one day, one of our players, broke her thumb? and that’s not good cuz she was the only person on our team who had either bit of height? but next week we are so excited to come and represent Central! Go Beasts!?

Chloe Reid

Gander | Gymnastics

I am a competitive gymnast and a competitive skater. Some of my very best friends are from different towns all across the province. Competing together is so much fun.

Evan Pardy

Grand Falls- Windsor | Basketball

I started playing with the Grand Falls basketball team in grade 6, and haven’t stop playing since. I love the game of basketball and look forward to the experience of the winter games…should be awesome

Ethan Pardy

Grand Falls- Windsor | Basketball

I’ve been playing basketball for a lot of years, and decided to try out for Grand Falls grade 6 basketball team, and made the team. I’ve been playing basketball every since. It means a lot to me because only a certain amount of people get to go and I’m one of them. Excited!


Grand Falls- Windsor | Figure Skating

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come true, it takes a lot of determination, dedication and effort. I’m honored to have the opportunity to participate in the Winter Games.

Briana Hamel

Wabush | Figure Skating

I had to place first in our divisional competition in order to qualify for winter games. This would be my second winter games and I am hoping to enjoy to the fullest.

Callie Boyde

Churchill Falls | Hockey

I started skating without any help at only 2 years old! Then when I was 4 I finally got to join hockey. I’ve progressed through every division so far getting better each year. My older brother who is in his last year midget has always been an inspiration for me and always encourages me to get better! I’m so excited to be competing in the 2018 winter games with such a great group of girls!

Chloe O'Brien

Happy Valley-Goose Bay | Basketball

First time I have competed and I tried out for the basketball team and made it.  I am so exited to go.

Phillip Snow

Goose Bay | Cross Country Skiing

I started skiing when I was 7 and I learned how to skate ski 1 month and a quarter ago I tryed out at our ski lodge then I made it on the team but I was exited for participating because the Winter Games is fun and I would love to go back in the next four years thanks for having me and maybe see you guys in four years!

Joel Krats

Labrador City | Curling

My journey started in may of 2016. I made the Labrador softball team for the CBS games. For reasons out of my control I was not allowed to compete. I was very upset that I was not able to attend the games because I only had one more opportunity in Deerlake 2018. After the list of sports came out for the Deerlake games. Curling was on it and I was so excited. Since I was playing with a team from Gander and I live in Labrador I started the exemption process. After a few months of waiting I was unable to complete with Central. I thought I was never going to compete at the NL Games as Labrador already had a curling team and I didn’t play any other sports at the Games. Then out of nowhere I herd that there was going to be a tryout for the Labrador curling team. I made the team and I was so happy because I knew it was my last chance. I can’t wait to start the tournament next week and I know it will be a experience of a lifetime.

Olivia Mayo

Goose Bay | Basketball

My journey began with joining a basketball team. I’ve never played basketball before joining the NL games. I practiced lots and got better. I’m excited to be part of the games.

Emma Mayo

Goose Bay | Basketball

My journey started by playing basketball with the school team. I practiced & worked hard & made the NL games team. I’m really excited to be part of the games.

Grace Norman

Happy Valley Goose Bay | Basketball

It took a lot of practicing for me as this is my first time on a basketball team but worth it. I have some great friends as teammates and an awesome coach! I am proud and happy to be going to the 2018 NL winter games and representing Labrador. I’m sure it will be a great experience with lots of friendships made.

Megan Temple

Labrador City | Basketball

I was one of the only girls who played with the “miner” basketball league for the past few years…I am very happy to be part of the winter games team! It means a lot to me that I can participate in the 2018 NL winter games. I am very lucky to have this opportunity!

Cassidy Hedd

Labrador City | Ice Hockey

My journey to the NL winter games was no easy task. I started playing hockey when I was 8 and I am now 15 years old. I never thought I would get the chance to experience the winter games but here I am. My parents didn’t think I would make the team due to all the competition I was going up against but I was convinced that I had to try. After years of hard work and dedication I’ve made it. All of my coaches, teammates and especially my parents have been amazing throughout the years and I can’t thank them enough for pushing me to never give up. Everything has now payed off and i can’t wait to represent Labrador in the 2018 NL winter games!

Hailey Murphy

Mount Pearl | Volleyball

Started playing Volleyball 3 Years ago and really love the game,and the teammates I have had for the past few years,really looking forward to the games and meeting new friends. And experiencing the whole Olympic Games feeling

Jenna Bradley

Paradise | Figure Skating

This year I have competed in Star 9 & 10 categories. I train 6 days a week and my coach is Kevin Walsh. I placed 2nd in both categories at the Eastern Divisionals which earned me a spot with the Mt Pearl South Team for the NL Games. I am excited to compete at the 2018 NL Games and am looking forward to meeting new friends and making great memories in Deer Lake.

Rachel Hopkins

Paradise | Hockey

its a once in a lifetime chance to play in the winter games and represent my region, I am thrilled I got this opportunity.

Katie Slaney

Paradise | Figure Skating

My journey actually begin 3 years ago when myself, my parents and coach decided I would go competitive skating. I knew then that I wanted bigger things for myself and one of those things was to represent my hometown at winter games. I have worked very hard over the last few years and this year being my best year. I have won all my competitions and received a spot on the Mount Pearl South Team fir the games. This opportunity is an amazing one not just for me but for any athlete attending the games. So looking forward to NL Winter Games. My name is Katie Slaney and i’m Going to rock the Pepsi Center on Match 16 when I skate. See you there.

Coady Murphy

St. John's | Volleyball

My Journey began 2 years ago when myself and my buddies tried out for the Grade 7 volleyball team. We had never played organized volleyball before that. With our great coach and the persuasion of some players to try it out, our team was able to with the provincials that year. We have since stayed together and were able to represent Mt. Pearl South at this years winter games. It means the world to mean to represent my region, following my older brothers foot prints but a different sport. Can’t wait for the game to begin. See you at the opening ceremonies.

Bridget Letto

Paradise | Gymnastics

Hi, my name is Bridget Letto, I train at Campia Gymnastics in Mount Pearl. My journey to the NL games started in 2013, when I was 6 years old. Over the years I have come across a few injuries, on my first day of pre-competitive gymnastics I was getting up on the beam and then fell off and ended up tearing the ligaments in my foot. After that I realized how much work I needed to put into my gymnastics. I also broke my arm two summers ago. When this happened I was still always at the gym training with my cast on – even though at times I didn’t want to go. The reason I love gymnastics so much is because I get to make so many new friends and it’s just so much fun. In October, I went to see the World Gymnastics Championships in Montreal. When I was there I was lucky enough to be able to meet many gymnasts, including the one and only Nadia Comaneci! I still can not believe that I met her! I have also been to a camp in Halifax last summer. The coaches at this camp were former olympians. One of the coaches was my idol Ellie Black! Going to the NL winter games is a once in a lifetime opportunity because it is every four years. This year is my first year doing optional gymnastics. I was so excited to get my own routine this year. When I was little my friends and I would always make up routines and pretend that we were competing them. I’m so excited to be competing at the NL games this weekend!

Ella Hogan

Mount Pearl | Hockey

I’m proud and happy to be able to represent my town.

Alexandra Edison

Mount Pearl | Gymnastics

I’m a grade five student and have been doing gymnastics since I could walk. When I heard I could have the opportunity to compete at the NL Games I decided I would push myself as hard as I needed to in order to make the team. I was behind on some skills for the required level, especially on bars. I knew I couldn’t afford to miss one practice. When I was in the gym I listened to every tip my coaches gave me and always tried to take one or two extra turns on every apparatus. I knew one little mistake could lower my score and I wouldn’t qualify for the team. Even when I wasn’t in the gym I pictured my routines in my head. I’m proud because all my hard work paid off and I reached my goal of making the Mount Pearl/South team. I know I will remember this experience forever!

William Osmond

Paradise | Gymnastics

I started gymnastics in the recreation program. I ended up really enjoying and our coach encouraged us to try out for the pre competitive team. I decided to do this as I thought it would help me with hockey. It would give me lots of strength and conditioning. I ended up really enjoying it and now I spend more time and commitment to gymnastics than I do hockey. I’ve made good friends and every season I get stronger and improve my skills. This is my first travel competition and visit to Deer Lake. I look forward to the games!

Stephanie Butt

Mount Pearl | Bowling

I was lucky to be able to have a spot on the spot on the mount Pearl South team, looking forward to make new friends and memories

Brooke King

Paradise | Bowling

I was fourtunate enough to secure a spot on the Mount Pearl South ladies team. Being able to participate in the NL Winter Games gives me the opportunity to thrive in my sport and hopefully learning from others. I am looking forward to making life long memories and friendships.

Katrina-Lynn Picco

St. John's | FIgure Skating

I am very excited to be competing in my second NL Winter Games! I won a silver medal at this event in 2014 competing in the STAR 5 U13 category! This year I will be competing in the Gold category and I look forward to having a second chance at being crowned the NL Games champion! Clarenville 2014 was filled with memories to last a lifetime, it was truly one of the best experiences of my skating career. To anyone competing in their first games you are going to have so much fun! Best of luck to all athletes:)

Benjamin Fudge

Paradise | Gymnastics

It has taken a lot of hard work, dedication to practices and a whole lot of love for the sport. I am very excited to represent the region of Mount Pearl South. It gives me a chance to show off my skills as an individual while competing and earning points for my team. This is a time to make new friendships, have fun and make memories to last a lifetime.

Brooke Andrews

Paradise | Figure Skating

I am a Star 8 Figure Skater out of the CBS Skating Club. I competed at the Eastern Divisionals in January earning a Silver medal and being first in my zone allowing me to represent Mount Pearl South at these games. I am excited to be at these games as I was a team player at the Summer games in CBS as a soccer player winning silver but in these games I am an individual athlete so this is a different perspective.

Syrai Fitzgerald

Paradise | Figure Skating

My journey to winter games began 8 years ago. It was the first year I started skating and 2 of my older sisters went to Winter games, one for wrestling and the other for volleyball. I knew then that I wanted to go to winter games someday. I have worked very hard since then in hopes of making this dream a reality. As I went into competition season this year I tried not to make games my main focus although I did think about it. Competition after competition I done very well and then going into Eastern divisonals I knew I had to pull out all the stops if I were going to qualify for games as there were some great competitors in my category. Although not my best skate of the season, I had a silver finish at divisonals and earned my spot on the Mount Pearl South team. I am very excited to represent my region and town at this event and look forward to embracing the experience and taking in all it has to offer. Good luck to all athletes who are fortunate enough to compete at these games and thank you to everyone who had a role in making this dream a reality – you all rock!

Katie Petten

Paradise | Gymnastics

It means a lot, and I am proud to be part of it. I am excited to travel with my team and spend more time with them!

Olivia Lush

Mount Pearl | Hockey

I have been playing hockey since I was 4 years old. I have played with Mount Pearl Minor Hockey Association where I played both minor hockey and with the female teams. In my second year Peewee I also played for the Female Peewee AAA IceBreakers. The last 2 years I have played on the Female Bantam AAA IceBreakers team where we able to attend Atlantics in Moncton last April.

Cassie Marsh

Mount Pearl | Basketball

As a shy child, I didn’t like participating in sports. I would sit on the gym stage and watch the other students play. I was tall for my age and in grade 4 I was asked to play on our school basketball team. It took years of practicing and lots of encouragement for me to get where I am today. I want to thank my coaches Chris Snyders and Joel Greek and my team members for their patience and understanding and pushing me to keep going. I wouldn’t be here today without all their support.

Olivia Hennessey

St. John's | Hockey

My journey to the NL Winter Games is long one. But i get to spend it with the people i love the most, my friends, my teammates and coaches. Travelling to the NL Winter Games is going to be an amazing experience for me because I have a passion for hockey, i’ve played since i was four years old. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I can’t wait to be out playing on that ice with the girls I love the most!

Jack Walsh

St. John's | Basketball

I am apart of a great team. We have worked hard and enjoyed every minute. Coach Noftall has given us so much of his time training with us. We hope we can make him proud. The best thing is that we have all become great friends. I so enjoyed preparing for this opportunity. Good luck to everyone.

Cameron Stanford

St. John's | Basketball

I am Cameron Stanford grade 8 in Beaconsfield Junior High. I trained everyday over the summer to get in shape and become a better player, and practiced with Carl English. Hopefully I can carry on the family tradition of winning a medal. Since 1976, 3 of my uncles, 2 of my cousins, my dad and my brother have all won medals at the winter games. Looking forward to participate in the winter games and having fun!

Samy Kirkland

St. John's | Basketball

I heard about the Winter Games in September when I saw an announcement for St. John’s North Boys Basketball Team. There was a series of tryouts and I was excited when I found out I had made the team! Excited and nervous.
Our team is made of boys from around the St. John’s area. Some of us had played together before but this is a new team for all of us. We have been training hard and coming together as a team. We have now connected as a team and as friends. When we arrive in a Deer Lake I think we will represent SJN very well. Our practice and hard work will hopefully show on the court!

Kylie Carey

Fermeuse | Basketball

I have been playing with Goulds under 14 travel team for 4 years now. It means so much for me to get to participate in the 2018 Winter games. I get to travel with my teammates that are all my friends . We will make memories together and new friends . We will also play hard and play with the skills that we have learned playing together over the past 4 years. Can’t wait to see a new part of Newfoundland and make new friends . Lets Go Hoopsters!!!

Andrea Sullivan

Witless Bay | Basketball

When I was small I always loved watching the MUN Seahawks play. I started playing basketball in grade 3 and now I play on my school team, Goulds Hoosters team and NLBA development program. Basketball is a passion of mine and I am so honoured to represent St Johns North in the 2018 winter games. I have been practising hard and I am very excited for this experience !!

Nicole Martin

Torbay | Volleyball

I started volleyball in grade 5 and I love it. I am so happy to be here and respreent my school

Chloe Emberley

Goulds | Basketball

It’s part of a dream of mine. My goal is to someday play for the MUN Womens seahawks team and then move onto a professional career in womens basketball. I train 18 hours a week plus many tournaments and private lessons. My older sister, Kielly, was part of the NL Canada games Basketball team in 2017. She is my inspiration. After she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2010, basketball is what got her through. Seeing the positive effect that basketball had on her, made me think that this sport must be awesome! I got involved in basketball at the ripe age of 4 and to this day, it is all that I look forward to. I strive to get better every day. I am extremely proud to be part of the 2018 NL Winter games. Things can only get better from here.

Ava Colbert

St. John's | Hockey

I am very happy i am in the NL winter games, i can’t wait for this experience with my team! It’s going to be a very good experience.

Gracie Dalton

Cape Broyle | Basketball

I live in a small community on the Southern Shore called Cape Broyle. I have been playing with the Gould’s Hoopsters team now for a few years. It takes me about 50 minutes to get to the Gould’s for practises and games. We started practising this year in October of 2017. We wanted to win because we all wanted to go to winter games. I knew at playdowns that it would come down to us and this other team. When we play each other it is always so close. I was so nervous going into the championship game but knew that I had to play my best for me and my team to win this, and we did!!!! I was so happy! I even got M. V. P! We have been practising really hard the last few months and we are all so excited to be playing in the winter games at Deer Lake. Big shout out to our coaches Shania Adams and Robert Ridrout who have put up with all of us and have gotten us to where we are today! Good luck to all participants who are taking part in 2018 Winter Games!!!!

Jeremy Jones

St. John's | Skiing

I would love to bring home a medal for all people with disabilities. To show them they can do anything, work hard and no dream is to big.

Ryan Drover

St. Johns | Skiing

This is my 4th NL Games as SO athlete (twice as a swimmer and this is my second time as a cross country skiier). Awesome to be included in the Games and hope to medal even though there hasn’t been much snow to practice on!

Cierra Power

St. Johns | Basketball

I started playing basketball when I was in Grade 1, with Hoopsters and in Grade 4 I joined the school basketball team. In my first years, all we did was play games like: sharks and guppies where you had to bounce the ball from one end of the gym to the other, while someone was trying to take your ball and then you were out.. As I got older, the games started to get more competitive and this is when we started to see who really loved the game.
I started to meet people from all different schools who shared my love of basketball and became friends.
I have been involved with many basketball camps and played as many games as I could ,to try and improve my skills. I have practiced and trained to always play the best game I can and always be there for my team.
I am so excited to be going to play in the NL Winter with my team and to represent St Johns North, we worked very hard to get here and will hopefully play our best games yet.
Thanks Cierra Power

Abigail Boland

St. Johns | Basketball

I have been playing basketball since I was 5 years old. I work really hard and I love the sport. I play on my school team, Goulds hoopsters and also train with nlba development program. I’m really excited to play for my region and team. I love that I am able to say that I’ve been At the NL winter games.

Bower Isaacs

Shea Heights | Basketball

My mom told me I need to work hard and play harder then everyone else. If you make the right passes at the right time during try outs you have a chance to make the team. However, I was a year younger then most players trying out. So I did what Mom said and held my breath until the team selection email was sent! I made it as an underager along with 2 other boys from my club. It was the happiest day of my life! My mom said she played basketball at the NL Winter games and it’s like the NL Olympics! I can’t wait to play in Deer Lake!

Claire Dwyer

Torbay | Volleyball

I started playing volleyball in Grade 5 and have played with Holy Trinity Tigers ever since. I love my teammates and coaches. Through volleyball, I’ve also been lucky to represent the province several times. Our Memorial Sea-Hawks team won the Atlantic under-15 title last year and I also played for Team NL at the Eastern Elite championships last summer in New Brunswick. Our team is so excited to play in the NL Games and I’m also pumped to play with Huskies at super nationals in Edmonton in May.

Kathleen Curran

St. John's | Figure Skating

My journey to the NL games started in Summer of 2017. I knew that I would have to be in the top of my figure skating category in order to qualify to represent St. John’s in Deer Lake in March. So I started adding bigger and better jumps to my program. Training became more serious, and I was ok with that. After a gold medal at Agnes Thistle, I wanted to stay at the top. Along came Divisionals, which was the qualifying competition for the NL Games. I worked my way to another gold medal, and qualified to represent St. John’s in Star 8. I am crazy excited to compete in my very first, and only, winter games!!

Kaitlyn Abbott

Torbay | Basketball

It gives me great pride and honour to represent my home town and region at this provincial competition. I we hope place someplace in the top teams but mostly look foreword to the spirit and atmosphere of these game, the great memories and new friendship that will develop over the short time we have in Deer Lake, and we will have for a lifetime. Good luck to all competitors.

Hannah Nieuwhof

Cape Broyle | Basketball

I have been playing basketball since I was in Grade 4 with my school, I continued on with more training which lead me to Gould’s Hoopsters. We now have a Club Team that I really enjoy being on, we have lots of fun and good memories with our team and Coach Shania, Coach Robert who are also the best. We are coming to Deer Lake Winter Games to play ball, meet new friends, and make lots of new memories. I am really looking forward to this week.

Abby White

Mobile | Basketball

I started to play club basketball 3 years ago. Over those 3 years club basketball has become very competitive, and in the last year more club teams have formed creating stronger competition. I love playing a game of ball with Goulds Hoopsters and i’m looking forward to Deer Lake.


Clarenville | Hockey

When I found out about the winter games tryouts I was really excited. I was hopeful that I would make the team, but come tryouts I was very sick and was not as productive on the ice as I could’ve been. I later found out from one of the coaches that I had just missed the cut for the Eastern team and was very upset and devastated that I would not get to play with my friends and the Eastern team at the NL Games. A couple of days went by when we got a phone call from a random number. It turned out to be a representative of hockey NL asking if I would be interested in playing with St. Peirre et Miquelon. When my parents asked me, I was nervous, excited, but mostly I was very thankful for the opportunity to play in the NL Games. My mother played volleyball at the winter games and had told me story’s of everything she experienced and now I’m looking forward to experiencing it for my self. I will meet new people, play with a new team, and can’t wait for all that is the Winter Newfoundland Games 2018.

Theodore Downey

Grand Bank | Hockey

I am greatly thankful to be hear to be one of the 1300 people to compete in the 2018 winter games , also I would like to thank my parents and grandparents to be here to support me ?

Myla Power

Kippens | Hockey

I grew up in and started playing competitive hockey in Ontario. I moved to NL when i was 12 and started playing with the Central AAA PeeWee IcePak. This was a opportunity to meet new friends with the same love for the sport. After 1 year I moved to Western NL and continued to play for the Western Warriors. After finding out a lot of my friends were tryout out for the NL Winter Games, I decided to give it a shot. Playing hockey in the winter games this year means I get to chance to play with and against some of the best players on the island and well as make new friends. I am excited for the opportunity and the new challenges.

Alexandra House

Corner Brook | Bowling

My journey to the NL games was amazing. Putting my bowling first, working hard on my bowling skills, having fun and enjoying the sport. To be the only junior on my team was a big accomplishment for me because it meant a lot to me that I can do anything u put my mind to. I was in secound place out of the four people who were chosen. It means so much to mean to compete in the winter games because it gives me an amazing opportunity to do what I love most and just meet new people. The Newfoundland games will defiantly be the games to watch and I’m so exited to compete this weekend.

Michaela Foster

Pasadena | Figure Skating

After high school, the big question I had to ask myself was: Will I be able to continue skating? Most athletes are unable to carry on with training after high school, which is why attending the 2018 NL Winter Games is very important to me. I am a first year university student at Grenfell and this will be my first winter games. Being able to compete at these games has become so important to me because it has been my goal for many years. With the skating event being held at the Civic Centre, it creates a whole new meaning to me, because 16 years ago it became the first place I ever stepped on the ice. In preparation for winter games, I choreographed my own solo and I can’t wait to show how hard I’ve been working all year. After losing my mom a few years back, skating became my way of getting through the pain and to this day I still rely on this sport to keep me intact. Which is I am so excited to represent the Western Region at the 2018 NL Winter Games on home ice.

Billy Barnes

Birchy Head | Badminton

I’ve been competing on Team NL with badminton for a number of years now. The training and hard work has led me to numerous tournaments and events, such as this one. It serves as a milestone to show how far I have come. As well, many of the best athletes from across the province will be competing, all of which I look forwards to testing myself against.

Ella Tucker

Corner Brook | Cross Country Skiing

I’m really excited to have an opportunity to partake in what will definitely be a wonderful experience, I can’t wait to give it my all and meet new friends.

Charlotte Sweetapple

Corner Brook | Basketball

Started playing ball in grade 3 and have been in love with the game ever since. I just love the competition and all the close friends I have made along the way. Really looking forward to the NL games, friendships and festivities.

Natalee Simms

Corner Brook | Volleyball

My team and I have practiced and worked so hard all year to be able to compete in this tournament and I’m so excited to be able to participate in the NL Winter Games.

Rebecca Bennett

Corner Brook | Figure Skating

It has taken many early mornings and lots of hard training sessions on the ice to get where i am today. I am very exited to take part in these winter games and I hope to compete to the best of my ability. Most importantly I want to have the best experience possible at these games!

Jillian Andrews

Corner Brook | Figure Skating

My journey to the NL Games began early this year when my coach Lisa Young asked if I was interested in potentially skating in the NL Games. I had a big smile on my face and I said YES! In order to qualify, I had to do well at divisionals in Port aux Basques. I was extremely nervous, but about five seconds before I got on the ice to do my solo, my other coach April Barron accidently told me that I was already qualified since I was the only skater in my category from Western NL. I wasn’t nervous at all then and had a clean skate and also a personal best. Skating means a lot to me and I love the sport! Participating in the games is an opportunity to show my hard work that I do on and off the ice including yoga, fitness, and more. I love many sports but skating is my absolute favourite sport of all – I have been skating since I have been 3 years old! To be part of the WESTERN team is truly an honour and I look forward to meeting new friends and having fun.

Taylor Gambin

Glenburnie | Badminton

My journey to the Newfoundland winter games all started about 3 years ago when my gym teacher that year, Mr.Snook offered me the chance to train for the Canada games. I took up this offer and have been training hard with the Newfoundland Labrador coach John Gilliam the past few years. A few months ago he informed me about the NL winter games, and I knew that it was going to be an experience I could not pass by. This is when Trent Pennell gladly volunteered to be our coach during this event. Being able to perform in such a big event with such great friends as teammates is an unbelievable offer, there are people dreaming about playing in the winter games so the fact that I get the chance is just incredible!

Blake Gambin

Glenburnie | Badminton

It all started 3 years ago when mr.snook was my badminton coach and he told the badminton coach of Newfoundland (John) that I wanted to train with him. Then 3 months ago John said the winter games are coming up and I think that you should should try out for the western team then around 3 weeks ago I tried and I made it. Playing in the NL winter games means a lot to me

Holly Fitzpatrick

Deer Lake | Figure Skating

The journey to get to NL winter games has been amazing! It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to make it this far. What it means to me to be able to participate in the NL games is everything. This is my second and final year of making winter games and I want to enjoy it to the fullest

Nathan Young

Deer Lake | Hockey

I proudly live in Deer Lake. So I never had much of a journey to get to the NL Games. But in another sense, I did…If I didn’t start playing hockey when I was only 6 yrs of age, attended Darren Langdon’s hockey school and took every chance I could to play on the outdoor rink that the town provides for everyone, I wouldn’t be where I am today with hockey or grown to love and have such a passion to the game. Hockey means everything to me and I am very honoured to have the chance to be part of the 2018 Winter Games and represent out town. I wish all the athletes good luck and remember to have fun. GO DEER LAKE DEVILS!!

Logan Burden

Deer Lake | Hockey

I am truly honored to be given the chance to participate in the NL Games. I moved from a small town in Labrador six years ago and started playing hockey in Deer Lake when I was 8 years old.I played player for one year first, but knew right from the start I wanted to be a goalie.I love the competition, the travelling to tournaments and meeting new people. My fellow team mates are the best but throughout my journey so far I’ve had the opportunity to play with and meet other peers along the way. Being a part of the 2018 NL Games is an opportunity of a lifetime that I will cherish forever and I am very proud to be a goalie for the Deer Lake Devils host team.