Badminton - Technical Package

Technical Packages for the NLGames are developed by the Provincial Sport Organization governing each respective sport. Questions should be directed to the Technical Chairperson as noted in Section 1 below, or to the SportNL Games Coordinator Patti Thorne by email or phone 709-576-4629.

Geoff Robinson

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John Gillam
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St. John’s NL A1C 2J3
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To Be Confirmed

Open to all players within the age classification guideline as well as all coaches and managers who, as directed in the Sport Policies Section VII NL Games issued by Sport Newfoundland and Labrador, are registered members in good standing with Badminton NL.

All participants in the NL Winter Games Badminton must register online at and purchase a Regional Membership fee before they will be included in the Regional Play-downs. Players who qualify to be part of the Regional Team must upgrade to Provincial Membership prior to the NL Winter Games in March 2018. Players who do not register will not be included in any competition draws nor can they be added after the closing date for the event.

Coaches and managers are required to purchase a Regional Membership fee which is valid for the current season of the competition.

Registrations for all Regions must be submitted online to Badminton NL who will then provide Regional Coordinators with the appropriate draws for the Regional Play-downs.

Athletes must be at least 11 years of age but under 18 years of age as of December 31, 2017.


Team of 8
4 male athletes
4 female athletes

1 coach
1 manager
One of the coach and manager must be male; the other female

The coach and/or manager of each team must hold a valid National Coaching Certification Program qualification which is a minimum of Competition Introduction (Trained) in Badminton. Coaches and managers must be at least 19 years of age as of December 31, 2017.

Each competing region must hold a regional qualifier for team selection which must be held by January 31, 2018. Contact the Technical Chairperson for information on Regional Coordinator and competitions.


St. John’s North – Paul Smith
Mount Pearl South –
Avalon – Pierre LeGresley
Eastern – Adam Howse
Central – Tracy Tucker
Western – Ronald Simms
Labrador – Shane Morgan
Host – Trevor Wall

Each regional team must be registered with the Host by February 8, 2018 through an online registration system that will be provided by the Host.

One coach or staff representative from each region and each sport is required to attend the following meetings in the Host region at the commencement of the NLGames:

Coach / Manager General Meeting – date, time and location to be confirmed
Chaired by SportNL and including brief presentations from the Host Committee – will cover logistical information on transportation, accommodations, food services, entertainment, venues, etc.

Sport Technical Meeting – 9pm Wednesday at Elwood Elementary School (room # to be confirmed)
Chaired by the Technical Chair of your sport – will cover sport-specific technical information for your competition.

This competition is sanctioned by Badminton Newfoundland and Labrador, and will follow the Badminton World Federation’s “Official Rules and Laws of Badminton”, as adopted by Badminton Canada, including General Competition Regulations.

Badminton is a SECOND HALF Sport in the 2018 NLGames from March 14-18.

Final schedules will be posted on in February after regional teams are selected and registration is completed.

Elwood Elementary School, Deer Lake

Medals will be presented to the regional teams who place first, second and third, based on the accumulation of points in a team encounter competition.


Games/scoring will be accordance with standard practice as prescribed by the Badminton World Federation Regulations which includes:
The Laws of Badminton
Recommendations to Technical Officials
General Competition Regulations

15.1.1 Play shall be continuous (i.e. without break) from the first service until the match is concluded, except as allowed in 15.1.3 and 15.1.4 below. All matches are the best of three (3) games. All games are played to 21 points. If the score becomes 20-all, the side which gains a two point lead first, shall win that game. If the score becomes 29-all, the side scoring the 30th point shall win that game.

15.1.2 The side winning a rally shall add a point to its score. A side shall win a rally, if the opposing side commits a “fault” or the shuttle ceases to be in play because it touches the surface of the court inside the opponent’s court. A player of the serving side shall serve from the right service court when the serving side has not scored or has scored an even number of points in that game. A player of the serving side shall serve from the left service court when the serving side has scored an odd number of points in that game.

15.1.3 A 60 second interval occurs in each game when the leading score reaches 11 points. Players may not leave the court during the 60 second interval.

15.1.4 A 120 second interval occurs between the first and second game, and the second and third game. Players may not leave the court area during the 120 second intervals between games.

15.1.5 Players will change sides between the first and second games, and the second and third games. If a third game is required, players will change sides when the leading score reaches 11 points. The side winning a game shall serve first in the next game.

15.1.6 During the serve, some part of both feet of the server and the receiver shall remain in contact with the surface of the court in a stationary position from the start of the service until the service is delivered.

15.1.7 The server’s racket shall initially hit the base of the shuttle (i.e. the cork).

15.1.8 The whole shuttle shall be below the server’s waist at the instant of being hit by the server’s racket. The waist shall be considered to be an imaginary line, level with the lowest part of the server’s bottom rib.

15.1.9 The shaft of the server’s racket at the instant of hitting the shuttle shall be pointing in a downward direction.


15.2.1 Coaches, Managers or Players taking the seat and performing the role of a coach in the field of play at the 2018 NL Winter Games are required to follow the specific provisions as outlined in the Badminton World Federation Coaches and Educators Code of Conduct and in compliance with the Badminton Canada Policy for U19, U17 and U15 events as approved July 6, 2017.

15.2.2 Those performing the role of courtside coach must comply with the following:

Dress appropriately in the team uniform (sports clothing) or appropriate shirt, polo or blouse and long trousers or skirt. Clothing must be in good repair, clean and free from tears. Inappropriate clothing includes but is not limited to faded jeans, flip flops, sandals and beach shorts. The Referee will decide if a coach is inappropriately dressed.

Remain seated in the designated chairs provided at each end of the court behind his or her player/players except at the approved intervals. However, if the coach wishes to move to another court, he or she must do so while the shuttle is not in play.

Not coach when the shuttle is in play nor in any manner distract the opposing player or disrupt play.

Not delay the game by coaching in any form.

In the pre‐defined intervals during a match, return to their designated chairs as soon as the Umpire announces that there are twenty seconds remaining.

Not verbally abuse or intimidate any spectator, tournament official, technical official, opposing coach or opposing team official, or opposing player, using any form such as shouting or making gestures.

Not attempt to communicate in any way with opposing players, coaches or team officials nor use any electronic device for such purpose including mobile phones, laptop computers or similar devices.

Not make, nor attempt to make, any unwelcome, abusive or intimidating physical contact with any spectator, tournament official, technical official, opposing players, coaches or team officials.

Not bring the sport into disrepute through media comments, either before, during or after the tournament, that are personal in nature, imply bias, or question the integrity of tournament officials, technical officials, opposing coaches, team officials or players.


15.3.1 Four Events will be played: boys’ singles, girls’ singles, boys’ doubles, girls’ doubles.
15.3.2 Entries will be received and competition draws printed by Badminton NL. Draws will then be distributed to the Regional Coordinators for conduct of the play-downs.
15.3.3 The Regional Play-down will consist of round-robin draws whenever practical; otherwise single elimination draws will be used. Consolation rounds will be played whenever a single elimination draw is used for the main round.
15.3.4 The eight qualifying players for the Regional team will be as follows:
a. Winners in the girls’ doubles event.
b. Winners in the boys’ doubles event.
c. Winner and runner-up in the girls’ singles event.
d. Winner and runner-up in the boys’ singles event.
15.3.5 If there are players who qualified in both doubles and singles, then the appropriate runner-up doubles team will be selected to complete the team. If only one member of the doubles team is needed to make 8 players, then it will be the member with the best results from the singles competition.
15.3.6 Using the same criteria, one girl and one boy will be selected from the runner-up doubles teams to be alternates. If both runner-up doubles players have already been chosen to be team members, then the alternate will be the best performer among the remaining entries in singles.
15.3.7 The alternate will only travel to the NL Winter Games as part of the Regional Team if called upon to replace a team member who has dropped out.
15.3.8 The third-place finisher will be determined in each event, either based on placing in a round-robin, or through a playoff in a single elimination draw.


15.4.1 The NL Winter Games competition will be based on team encounters, in which members of each team play only one event against counterparts from the opposing teams.


Sport policies have been updated as of June 2016 and are available at:

NLGames Sport Policies (June 2016)